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Contoh Teks Pidato B. Inggris

Ini adalah salah satu contoh dari teks pidato B. Inggris.

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb.
With all due respect to the honorable judges, that I love contest participants who are really excited to make this earth greener, good morning.
First of all, let’s thank Allah SWT because his blessings, we all can gather here on this sunny morning. Shalawat and prayer, we send to our greatest prophet Muhammad SAW, his family, his friends and his followers. Amen.
Fristly, I want to introduce my self.
My name is Putri Dinny Decca Pusphita Sari
And now, I’m in Class X.3 Senior High School in South Tambun.
Ladies and gentleman
Indonesia is a rich country. We can eat fish easly because Indonesia has many sea.
But are you know was so many natural disaster was hitted Indonesia?
Yes,There are vulcano eruption, tsunami, flood, landslide and many kinds of other disaster. Indonesia is made of many islands in Southeast Asia. It has more volcanoes than any other country in the world. Merapi is the country's most active volcano, having erupted four times in the past 10 years. Its name means Mountain of Fire in Indonesian. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can occur when tectonic plates move up and down. Tectonic plates are huge slabs of rock that make up the Earth's crust. Indonesia sits a top the Ring of Fire, an area of the Pacific Ocean where several tectonic plates meet.
Hmm, so that causing Indonesia sometimes occur earthquakes and vulcanic eruptions.
And how about flood and landslide?
Flood and landslide can occur because in the forest was occur because of many bad human cutting trees ssssswildly. The water can’t to penetrate into the ground and make flood and landslide.
Do you know what are the damage of natural disaster?
There are so many damage because of natural disasters. The first, Ten people have been killed and seven are missing feared dead after a landslide triggered by heavy rain crushed parts of two villages in Indonesia. Then, Almost 100,000 people have been forced to flee their homes because of the eruptions alone. And the most horrible is Tsunami on December 2004 in Indian Ocean, in which about 170,000 people died, is still rebuilding homes and livelihoods devastated by the disaster.
Ladies and gentleman all the judges
Actually, we can to prevent natural disaster. By not to throw away the rubbish in everywhere. Plant many trees, and not cutting the trees in the forest with arbitrarily. We must friendly with natural, if we want the natural friendly with us.
Okey, I think that’s all about my speech. And I hope we can more loving our earth. And I hope my speech will be useful for us. Thank you for your attention.
Wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

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